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The Kakania anthology


Kakania: an anthology is a groundbreaking collection of brand new works from 40 amazing artists and poets, that features poetry, portraiture, woodcuts, conceptual texts, photography, graphic design and a multitude of arts and artists. http://www.theenemiesproject.com/kakania

Kakania is a project which explores the legacy of the Habsburg era through decidedly contemporary, original works of text and art which attempt to be as complex and genre testing as the works, and the people, they are responsive to. This is a project where the past, and our understanding of it, is not be refracted through historical analysis, but the creative process, and one that is utterly contemporary.

The beautifully produced anthology was designed by the Polimekanos agency and produced as part of the Austrian Cultural Forum's Occasions series.

It contains work by:

George Szirtes on Arthur Schnitzler
Martin Bakero on Arnold Schoenberg
Emily Berry on Sigmund Freud
Stephen Emmerson on Rainer Maria Rilke
Colin Herd on Oskar Kokoschka
Sharon Gal on Anton Webern​​
Jeff Hilson on ​​Ludwig Wittgenstein
Tom Jenks on Otto Gross
Maja Jantar on Lou Andreas-Salome
David Kelly-Mancaux on Egon Schiele​​
Diane Silverthorne & Ariadne Radi Cor on Alma Mahler
Dylan Nyoukis on Raoul Hausman​​
Damir Sodan on Gustav Mahler
Marcus Slease on Max Kurzweil
Joerg Zemmler on Karl Kraus
Michael Zand on Hugo von Hofmannstahl​​
Jaime Robles on Ludwig Boltzmann
Alison Gibb on Bruno Walter
Pascal O'Loughlin on Wilhelm Reich
Vicky Sparrow on Margarethe Wittgenstein
Kim Campanello on Alban Berg
Jack Little on Peter Altenberg​​​​​​
Eley Williams on Broncia Koller-Pinell​​
Andy Jackson on Oscar Straus​​
JT Welsch on Hermann Broch​​
Fabian Peake on Franz Werfel
Aki Schilz on Hermann Bahr
Fabian Faltin on Otto Wagner​​​​​​
Iain Morrison on Alexander von Zemlinsky​​
Clare Saponia on Julius Wagner-Jauregg
Rhys Trimble on Felix Salten
SJ Fowler on Robert Musil
Robert McClean on Max Reinhardt
Ryan Van Winkle on Ernst Weiss
Andrew Spragg on ​​Koloman Moser
Peter Jaeger on Theodor Herzl
Nia Davies on Viktor Ullman
and Esther Strauss on Anna Freud.